Little joke the website included several factors to concern

space is also very important, I believe we have seen many webmaster about this topic, it is absolutely stable space, a stable space, 24 hours a day, 12 hours is not open, then the search engine will not love, because when the spider came to your site in front of the door. That you don’t give him, let him eat cold-shoulder treatment.

The quality of the chain

page structure

Site Title Description

I remember when I first contact with the site, hear is how to do keywords, but now is not to talk about words, talk about the site title, many techniques and methods to write of the title of the website, the key point is that, like adding keywords, do not stack, one word, is not good for the website included, snapshots are not well, the weight is not good, simple, smooth, easy to understand the site title, the surprise is extraordinary.

now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, the web page structure is relatively clear, clear, people feel comfortable, easy to use, users not only love, but also love the search engine. Make the page structure for the website is more and more important, and this is to distinguish the station a key indicator.

The contents of the original

put him in the first place, as an important path to the quality of the chain in relation to the search engine to the site, even the roads are not provided to the spider, what included, and the quality of the chain, which is equivalent to your website to open a high-speed direct subway, help your site included speed, rank.


The hidden server security

. So some Adsense a commonplace talk of an old scholar, said that the contents of the original, where I come every day, the original content, it does not matter, there is no original content available so you can go to the library to find a library is a repository of human knowledge, do not believe that No. Don’t make excuses, original content by the users love, but also love by the search engine, will be included, ranking, website promotion weight acceleration.

Hello, I am a little joke, today to share with you the next key website problems, your website is good or bad, are depending on many factors such as the chain, quality, stability, server security, original content, page structure, page optimization, Website Title Description, keywords. Domain name, history, there is no cheating, whether hidden chain, in short a lot, so now the little joke about these important


a high safety factor to effect the website server included and ranking is quite large, the same one is always attack recovery server to the site of the injury is not small, so choose the server to do stand, must be careful and cautious, first understand clearly related matters, to decide whether to use it server.

In fact, the problem is


Why did

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