Not just sign Foursquare what is worth 750 million


for so many years, although Foursquare into people’s vision, but it has not become the mainstream. Recently there have been rumors that Foursquare’s valuation reached $750 million, so a small sign class applications, what is worth $750 million?

the user Adam from Quora Feldman, about Foursquare, put on the line in the advertising conversion rate, profitability, mobile user experience, the advantages of services to support small and medium enterprises, if Foursquare can continue to become bigger and stronger, I have 750 million of the valuation is too low.

has the intention of social advertising

first, the ads on the Facebook and Twitter based on the user’s interests and personal information to decide, very friendly to the user, users prefer. If the user happens to a product or service of interest, this advertisement is very successful. On the other hand, Google search for this type of intention of advertising based on the results of the user’s search ads, Google, such as the intention of advertising success rate is very high.

Foursquare’s "exploration" feature trend users to find a place. Combined with the user’s purchase intentions and personal data, explore the function can be used to do a lot of advertising. For example, users are tired of the coffee shop near, Foursquare will prompt him there is also a near he hasn’t been to the coffee shop, this is the intention of advertising success rate is much higher than that of Facebook, Twitter, Google ad.

online to offline conversion


clock and data collection, businesses can view them in the Foursquare ad line conversion rate how high.

like a pizza shop on Foursquare 1000 AD, can attract people to the final XXX punch attendance and consumer discount. So you can do a simple calculation, the conversion rate of XXX/1000X100% businesses can learn the effect of their advertising.

combined with the above "exploration" function, access to high conversion rate is not a problem.

over the years the line has always wanted to know how much of the business transformation rate they do, through the Foursquare they can clearly know the figure.

mobile profit

Many people are very concerned about the

from Facebook, Twitter can be profitable in the mobile world. Obviously, it will certainly be profitable, but Facebook may not be the most profitable companies in the mobile sector, because Faceboo>

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