Thoughts on the operation of City discount shopping website

lost some time ago on the 9eat program, but also spent more than a month to think about how to operate. But in the process of understanding gradually found a problem can not be ignored, that is, the realization of membership points.


from simple terms, operation ideas of this kind of website is the website as a platform to integrate business resources, integrate the city down consumer resources for businesses to explore potential customers, bring more affordable prices for consumers, on this basis, to realize the integral members, members can exchange provided by business cooperation in the prize on the site.


The object

1 businesses, from clothing, food, shelter, and music of these five types of city consumption subject, first remove the clothes, why, we can imagine, unless the form of store, the general clothing store is to let you Kanjia, no discount. To some extent, this discount card lost some appeal. Clothing can be said to be the largest consumer goods, and this discount card for the middle and low market, high-end market does not necessarily care about your card. So the mid-range consumer groups often go to the store to buy clothes? How to spend?.

2 discount card itself security issues. Ordinary cards do not have security, the site was launched, it may not have that, but when you have the influence, piracy will be a lot of your discount card. The cost of 5 dollars a card, you sell a 20, there are still a profit of $15, others sell 15, he can earn more than $10, which we need to consider dark.

3 is the best way to use smart card products, not only to solve the security problem, but also to achieve integration, and even electronic wallet function.

4 but also some new problems appear, that is, the card in there to businesses do card reader, by RF or other way to identify this card is your website to send. The problem is that the core of this card or card reader is the chip, according to my current understanding, this card is currently the mainstream chip PHILPS SIEMENS, and these two cards are not compatible.

5 that is to say, if your business development there have this equipment (because it may have been through this card in the development of members, now many), but his reader is using PHILPS chips, you can not identify website issued by SIEMENS chip card. So, in order to be able to read this card, businesses need to buy a card reader, impossible.

6 in the same way, if the new business development there before the card reading equipment, you have to convince him to buy a set of the equipment, he is unlikely to pay, you send him a set, a price I asked several, you are at least 1000 blocks, a city of 200 members this is a light, investment 200 thousand, most of the webmaster has 200 thousand, still here about how to develop


7 well, someone says, I don’t

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