When we start a business we know what we are talking about why do you want to start a business

when the venture, we know almost nothing to talk about, from the 5 million know almost a hundred users to choose to know almost on the entrepreneurial Q & A, the achievement of this book. The following is part of Digest.


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"modern Chinese Dictionary" to "entrepreneurship" is the explanation: to create a cause. Simple interpretation of the four words contain too much attitude and persistence. With the rapid development of the Internet era, Facebook (Facebook) billion yuan venture IPO to obtain billions of dollars in market capitalization and the emergence of more and more, many lit up in the office with a salary and benefits, but the heart is unwilling and mediocre people heart entrepreneurial flame.

if you ask a young twenty something, want to be urged to buy a car or married life, talking about a dream to change the world, let his life not lived life, most people will want to the latter, the former is the final choice. Like apple and Microsoft, most people like apple, but they are using the Windows operating system. Those who talk about it are still talking about it, and those who dream of changing the world are really not alive. Can you imagine more than a decade ago, sleeping in the Silicon Valley Univ Ave (University Street) on the floor of the 20 little boys in the early days of the 165, and later founded the video site YouTube, social networking site Linkedin and comment website Yelp?

entrepreneurship is like walking on a long road, you can not see the end, can not see the edge. People can’t stand alone and go on the public thoroughfare, some people can not stand hardships along the footprints step by step back, only one person can see the scene they click into place never lonely, dangerous road, and they always dream together, they remember why, so they can always reach.

why do you want to start a business?

I am more than and 20 years old, no room no car, there is a job that he is not too fond of. Want to start their own business to improve their lives, but now I do not have a team, no product, no start-up funds, only a cavity entrepreneurial enthusiasm. I would like to know why you started the business, entrepreneurship and what will happen to the


– entrepreneurship is an attitude

von A understand the "entrepreneurship" is a kind of attitude towards work.

said he must not go it alone, for example, a company registered, when the boss is a mean what one says, in the business. Want to understand that the work is for themselves, rather than feeling for others to work, this is entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurship, is a more active, more clear attitude towards work. I am not in the business, on the road to entrepreneurship." This is my time to sign up for the Alibaba.

Luo Yun A also think entrepreneurship and attitude related.

if tomorrow is the end of the world

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