Think Wangzhuan comrades must see webmaster about how to make money

want to make money from the Internet, I think first of all to do the following.

1 ring impetuous. Why do I put this as the first, because I have deep experience. In the past, too many people see the success of the case, always want to succeed. Once I saw a three pages of a small garbage station, do stock GG advertising, income of a month can have thousands of, see my heart itch. Immediately note rice hanging station, engage in a while, Baidu has not included, the psychological cold, throw it there no matter. I’ve done a lot of things like this. Have students say that I am ambitious, I was listening to psychological discomfort, now have a look at that time, is really a bit quick. See how successful predecessors! Far not said that the first graph king of our Admin5 brother! Look at Baidu entry graph king, "graph king from a friend got a pro picture of the catch forum software, often with high bandwidth Internet, direct a forum a forum to catch take down. One night down tens of thousands of photos, and then use the ACDSee finishing miniature upload, graph king do things very crazy, music is not he, all handmade website, up to a year, finishing millions of pictures. Hand made nearly 50 image sites. When the search is not a website, often search for images of a class of the most of the first page of a map is the king of the more than and 50 sites, although each site traffic is small, all add up to thousands of IP, traffic is very fierce, graph king is his QQ name, so named." Do stand, insist on a year, how many people can do? Look at Zac, learn Chinese SEO don’t know Zac, as Chinese don’t know Hu Jintao as ridiculous. The Zac seo blog, in addition to a retreat for a period of time, basically one day. It is these hundreds of original articles, laid the status of Zac in the SEO sector. However, every day a original article, it is easy to say, really stick is easier said than done. So, to be successful, really must guard against arrogance and rashness, look for the target, will be a lot of work.

2 in si. I first use of stone to a Moderator: "if you find something very important, for what, don’t ask, ask yourself, others know something, you do not earn money." Others tell you the word, basically there are already a lot of people do, the difficulty has been great, and then you go to the past, basically not worth it. So be good at thinking. The moderator, his work plan, a day less than half of the time spent on SEO, and half of the time is to think. GG advertising, for example, what words will directly affect your income. The key words in the ideal, of course, is difficult to do up the rankings, the flow is high, the advertising price is still high, such words basically do not exist. So to think and dig. For example, medical advertising price as high as we all know, but popular words are basically master control, you want to do is often shibeigongban. But the popular words related to the derivative of the long tail also has a lot of traffic, do a good job as a considerable income. >

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