Taobao store manager marketing way to earn tens of thousands of

I want to give you talk about what is the interactive marketing, in this Nothing is too strange. era of the Internet, interactive marketing allows you to earn tens of thousands. Q & a marketing as the name suggests is to achieve the purpose of marketing through questions and answers, so that our products in the entire Internet era, which is the best purpose of marketing. Only in this way can we make more RMB.

Below I introduce several ways of

interactive marketing: Baidu, Google, Soso Ask, answer the question and answer, Sogou quiz, they are through the mutual interaction between users, up to a certain "chain promotion, marketing effect; in accordance with the classification into their own good channel to answer cooperation, improve your circle the visibility, to produce a" tape "; expanded their personal data, reasonable nature appeared to express their own content, marketing your product or web site.

then friends care methods, registered more than ten ID, answer the questions by publishing problems, between a question and answer about your product and website, leave the company’s product type, contact, so that users can clearly find our website or product. Answer as many times as possible to answer the answer, which can increase the activity, but also enhance the importance of the question and answer in the search engine.

stay in the web site as far as possible not directly on the above, because now the site of the link is very strict requirements, see the words of the link immediately delete posts, which can bring us more trouble. In doing so, to promote the site, try not to take this quiz of the marketing effectiveness as the best way, although as the increase of the chain to the forum, blog opportunities than methods better, but once the administrator found that it is not good, hope that the webmaster don’t do silly things for a ranking. Not only spend a lot of time, did not get unexpected results, but the internecine.

This is the type of marketing

answers faster by search engines, do more long tail keywords, show their product, this is what we need to grasp, not blindly to site outside the chain to go with them.

finally remind you webmaster, marketing and promotion have similarities, there are differences. Do not blindly in order to promote marketing, not to promote the blind marketing, everything has a different starting point. Do the first, the second will be better, I hope to give some help to the webmaster.

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