Gong Haiyan entrepreneurship is to pursue a more beautiful scenery

original Jiayuan founder, now 91 foreign teachers network and the ladder network president Gong Haiyan is a legendary woman, set dagongmei, talented Peking University, China network matchmaker first multiple identities in one year; what’s the story behind her business? In the business she encountered any difficulty? Why in the cause of the peak choose to leave two business


NetEase Finance: entrepreneurship is a difficult process, why do you choose to start again?

Gong Haiyan: I think life is a journey, entrepreneurship is to pursue more beautiful scenery, but my personality is love toss, willing to try some new things to me is to enjoy the process of entrepreneurship, not feel some hardships, but business is to make my life will be more fulfilling.

NetEase Finance: previously a senior executives of listed companies, there is such a halo, is now the founder of a new venture, there will be a sense of what the gap between it?

Gong Haiyan: the original Jiayuan CEO, now again from zero to start a startup, one thing is important is their attitude to zero. I am a very quick adjustment, today resigned from the CEO, second days is a mentality of zero, as many friends I suspect the second venture with wanpiao, is probably just to see what the company actually not every day. I immediately decided to sell the house, because I am afraid that the future of the funds will be broken, and then rented a room in the company downstairs. But I am also with all my colleagues, we are also in overtime Saturday, ten hours a day to go forward, so I think for me, it is relatively easy to adjust, not so much lost, because everything is their own choice.

NetEase Finance: what is the difference between these two entrepreneurial feelings? Is it easier or harder to do business with your first venture?

Gong Haiyan: I think we have to be more calm, they will have more self-confidence, including recruitment, the first time I start my family only willing to believe me, willing to follow me, this may be a lot easier, there are a lot of good people in the beginning to join the team, so I think this is not the same. The two venture, many investors are willing to believe you, for the first time to find investment is not particularly easy, so I feel a lot of things will not be the same, will be more smooth.

but from another angle, his first venture without too much pressure, because they don’t have much hope for the future, but the second venture is in the spotlight very high-profile, all people are watching, see if you can make one thing.

NetEase finance and Economics: their own pressure.

Gong Haiyan: Yes, maybe they will care about this matter in the end can not make a result, he will have a request for himself, this is

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