nside the online free or low cost learning day earn hundred thousand yuan technology

online can be seen everywhere such advertising: free or low-cost learning day earn one hundred thousand yuan technology. Whether this is true or false advertising, I give everyone revealed today! Logic sense, of course, is a lie, free or low-cost learning day earn hundred thousand yuan, now that he has such a technology, why would he tell you that you are not his relatives and friends, you spend one hundred dollars money to buy ten thousand dollars, there is such a good thing!

what is their purpose,


the first is to engage in MLM / direct sales, because they need offline. I do not make this evaluation, if you feel that you have the strength to do direct sales, if it is pyramid schemes to persuade you or put a good early filling.


difference between direct marketing and pyramid schemes is (my personal opinion): direct selling products will generally be cheaper than similar products / easy to use. The MLM is generally not a product or a product is not any value or more expensive than similar products or easy to use.

second is a naked scam.

now step by step inside second


first step: PS or modify the HTML code, get a lot of a lot of receivables, resulting in the illusion of their profits. In the future on the Internet to see the collection plan must be carefully considered is true or false Oh!)

the second step: start washing, take you into the group, or voice chat room, to tell you their false experience, but this is empty talk, can not guarantee 100% people to accept their brainwashing, but there will always be people who accept their brainwashing. So be wise, don’t be brainwashed by anyone, they say every word, must be in the brain once, don’t follow others’ ideas.

)The third step:

stretched claws, tie with pleasure sales. Nature will not accept their brainwashing left, they successfully brainwashed naturally very trust them, then this time, they will generally offer to buy their own space, domain name, marketing software and so on, because you have been brainwashed, so many people will be out of money. When they don’t reach out, we need to run faster.


so far their purpose is achieved.

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