Taobao passenger was blocked is a stick to Taobao


Baidu blocked off, the owners applauded, owners complain incessantly. As a small Taobao do not do the webmaster, I can not make any comment. Baidu as a search engine, have their own rules of the right, whether it is the accusations and compliments, can not change its rules. Like any website, the user agreement is developed by the site, rather than in accordance with the wishes of the user to develop the same.

had Taobao shield Baidu spiders, in fact, is to create their own rules, no matter what the views of Baidu, no matter what the views of the platform users, the rules developed by Taobao. From this point of view, in fact, Baidu makes sense, Taobao also makes sense. No matter who is accused of Baidu, or flatter the Baidu people, the same reason they have. But the angle of each person is not the same, the fact that the situation is not the same.

but Baidu blocked Taobao off, how much to knock the stick Taobao. As Taobao continues to grow, now Taobao has shrunk, in front of the sellers and small owners, Taobao can make the rules a person willing to leave, follow the rules, do not comply with the rules alone. Some sellers so Taobao can not change Taobao Voices of discontent., strong, believe that many sellers have this feeling. As Ma claims "new network business", is nothing but a Taobao set the rules of the game. An attempt to develop new business rules, the new business civilization of the enterprise, no ambition is absolutely not. Ambition can be too big, perhaps the eyes can not tolerate others.

is currently the case of Taobao, completely forget how to break through the eBay powerful blockade, the development of today’s point. If there is no small webmaster, perhaps not today’s Taobao. But now the Taobao Alliance (Ali mother), how many webmaster can do it? Did the Taobao alliance webmaster, the heart has a very clear account. With a bad words, Taobao alliance is a fraud platform, don’t attempt to gain from. As for the Taobao guest website, actually not much difference between. Webmasters vigorously promote the site, get the return and pay is not proportional. These passengers were obsessed with Taobao, Taobao is actually in the shape of the mythology inextricably bogged down in.

I used to know a college student, the time of the Internet every day, that is, send a link to Taobao. A group of a blog behind the message not to mind taking the trouble, but finally, no harvest greatly disappointed. Maybe this is just one example, but I know many Taobao customers, they have the same conditions, Taobao how to explain? I deny that I have succeeded by Taobao, but the success of how many people? Taobao is nothing more than making a beautiful lie, cheat more people for the compulsory service of Taobao. In addition to this, I can’t think of any explanation.

now Baidu ban Taobao off, which is to regulate their own rules, but also to help Taobao. The so-called A just cause enjoys abundant support., an unjust cause finds scant support. If there is no Taobao profit distribution more reasonable, Taobao guests will wake up sooner or later, when Taobao, will probably become a target for all. Ban only

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