Novice Taobao how to spend the least money to earn the most money

see Taobao guest website, as a novice, is not for the heart? I thought, I have such a website more nice… Now. In fact, station is also very easy to… You might ask, I do not know the procedures, can also be? In fact, as long as typing, as you can do your own web site, I have engaged in Taobao off for more than a year, no program, only PS, my Taobao guest website, is to use Notepad to do TXT.

Taobao guest website, although I am not the master; but also know Taobao. Customers can really make money, but must have traffic can… After all, is to promote your website… Today talk about how to make money (money, first of all to have a tool to make money) only teach novice how to have their own Taobao guest website.

The first step:

application domain, URL. URL is more easy to remember as well… The application domain where? Now a lot of space business, choose good reputation and visibility for a little good. This site can be… A bit longer, so as to avoid taking down the space. The new site to find the best leave… Can help the space for the record, because the site you don’t understand, their preparation, a long time, may not be successful.

second step: the purchase of space, where to buy the best domain name and space in a space, this service is a little better, do not understand can find the space. However, the novice do Taobao off site, of course, to spend the least money to the best. There are lots of free space, free space may have a little is not stable, but it is not money. So really earn money, then buy charges too late. Now recommend the free space is the main house free space before the mom recommended, can provide 1G universal space, strength is also very strong. It’s really

, my site is the host of the house, has been used for half a year, I feel pretty good, and now upgrade, speed and stability are better….. My site over the past six months, earn a few hundred dollars of income, because I was a part-time, not a lot of time to update or promotion, flow limited… Now. The host house launched the half price campaign is ready to switch into a subscription website… That charges the peace of mind, more stable, can also provide customer support service..

…The third step: Taobao

off the program, this is the most important. There are a lot of Taobao Bao program. Many people love API program (recommended procedures and SEO master, but I suggest novice use) does not use this program. Because the program maintenance more difficult, also need to buffer large, free or small the capacity of the space can not afford…. because I used. And if you upgrade, but not their own maintenance, but also have to pay someone to


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