Translated by the learned DuoLingo 15 million financing


if you just started to learn a new language you participate in the translation of the content of the web page, is not a surprise, but Duolingo can make this happen. The package will be translated into foreign languages and foreign language learning in the three months after the official launch of the site on the official line of the NEA round of $B round of financing, A round investors Union Square Ventures also voted.

is the DuoLingo model can be described as "double-edged sword" to let people learn a foreign language for free while also using Crowdsourcing to complete other web content translation, or is the foreign language learning motivation is to let people do webpage translation work for free. DuoLingo helps you to open the door to a new language in terms of listening, speaking, reading and translating. When you learn a new word DuoLingo with pictures and sounds to help you enhance memory, and use dictation words, words, look the way you detect diversification pronunciation let you consolidate what has been learned in practice.


you have finished in a certain amount of vocabulary and grammar knowledge, DuoLingo will let you translate a sentence in practice. These sentences are taken from actual web content, rather than ready-made foreign language textbooks. You do not have to learn the common textbooks that coined the "common dialogue".

these sentences to be translated are not randomly assigned to foreign language learners, but for different users of the degree of learning to give appropriate sentences. For example, the given sentences may cover you just learn new words and grammatical structure, if you haven’t finished now when learning DuoLingo is not too tense, you will be assigned to the tense of the sentence. DuoLingo also has a set of mechanisms to protect the translation accuracy, and will not directly adopt the translation of a user. It will compare the translation of the same sentence to each user, and if the similarity is high, it can determine the correct answer. In addition, users also vote on other people’s translation, so that DuoLingo will be able to consider the most comprehensive translation.


games and social networking has also been integrated into the DuoLingo. In the process of learning you will have continuous integral stimulation, you can also pay attention to your friends and friends of mutual supervision and learning progress and you are learning the same language, DuoLingo also opened the Q & a community, for learners to ask questions and discuss.

DuoLingo commitment will (for learners) permanent free, and the site will not place ads. The profit is to charge the demand for translation. Machine Translation is often dry, while the artificial translation DuoLingo apparently will be more human "". Now through the DuoLingo upload file to be translated and the translation is free. "

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