Do you still do Wangzhuan chewing chicken ribs

A few years ago when

Wangzhuan had just begun, people flow is king, many owners believe that as long as the flow, there will be a lot of money into the pockets. At that time I am also very agree, because the network environment and now is different, one of the biggest feature is the Internet users generally "stupid". Because at that time a lot of people are just know the Internet, is immersed in the network of magic and colorful among all kinds of advertising do not understand. One of the best examples of the popular SP mobile phone business is overwhelming, but there are still many people fooled. So at that time the flow is absolutely equal to the real money.

but with the rapid popularization of Internet, more and more Internet users gradually from rookie into hardcore geek, not to mention the general click on the ads, even those who were artists carefully designed to download pictures will be easy for them to see through, gradually, many webmaster feel heavy pressure. One thousand IP has been able to earn a few hundred, and now earn tens of good. Therefore, in order to improve revenue, many owners have chosen to increase the flow of this road.

today’s Internet users are smart, want to pull popular needs more efforts, so some webmaster to join the alliance with some software flow, make group in the station, and even with the aid of hacker technology. Although every day tired, but eventually earn money is still unsatisfactory.

I think Wangzhuan development up to now, flow to the king’s thoughts are out of date. Some people would say, no flow how you make money. Indeed, the inevitable need to engage in Wangzhuan flow, the key depends on the quality but can make money flow rather than quantity. Some of the above mentioned pull flow method, although every day will bring a lot of IP, but most of these IP are garbage flows. In the face of no value to visitors, most of the webmaster practices are added to click on ads after a pop, so didn’t earn much, and not willing to put the site, resulting in daily life such as chewing chicken ribs usually boring.

therefore, do Wangzhuan about traffic now requires not only quantity, need more quality. For example, a theme I do is how to eliminate stretch marks of the site, which added to the postpartum how to eliminate the related products of stretch marks, only when visitors consumer behavior I can gain through the station advertising. This requires the IP to come to this site must be valuable directional traffic. If is the gaming community visitors are the children of the women?

now is to engage in Wangzhuan directional flow, then you should think of ways to get. And now there are only two ways to better: SEO and direct publicity to the crowd. In particular, SEO, once you see the results, you will get a steady stream of high-quality traffic. Therefore, I highly recommend that you use SEO technology.

see here, some owners may suspect, think site optimization is very difficult, not to make their own, in fact many people have been misled the so-called SEO master. The author finds that SEO is really easy by practice

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