Analysis of the principle and operation mode of network money

network to make money to distinguish the role of view, there are advertisers, advertising alliance is equivalent to the intermediary, as well as the site owners. In the network to make money as advertisers, usually sell products, on the way of CPC CPM CPA and pop, a variety of products to promote their products and virtual field. Then the network to make money advertisers are very focused on 3 conditions, but also to make money in the network itself:

1: directional flow. So the flow of personal understanding of the search engine is in search of what the engine will show you what, for example, search for a variety of products, the engine will appear what the content of the product. Not limited to products, services, content, etc.. Fixed point to search traffic.


conversion. Understanding of conversion can be an effective transformation. For example, 100 people look at your page, then there are 10 people to buy your product this is a manifestation of transformation. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the relative interest rate.

3: the possibility of additional sales. Each product sold, we do not want is a one-time sold, but to slowly can more do more, repeat customers can also increase, which is conducive to the development of future scenarios, and will be bigger and stronger.

three conditions the lack of any one can meet the successful wangzhuan.

network to make money should be how to operate it?

here to say the old money, that is, I have a deep understanding of the network to make money. That is to do a website advertising alliance. Advertising provided by advertising alliance. Are CPC CPA registered, click on ads, download, CPM pop ads and so on, the person is difficult to do, one day a W IP can be said to earn some money, but people are very difficult to do one day a WIP.

there are 3 ways to make money online:

1: sell products.

is the most profitable to sell products in the network, there is a data show that a year of China’s online sales transaction is about 260000000000,

can see how great temptation to sell products. Online shopping mall, Taobao, Dangdang, and so on are products sales.

sell products can be done through bidding, bidding investment is considerable, so the risk is relatively large.

can also be optimized by SEO to improve your site for search engine optimization, to enhance the ranking. For the engine, the key word ranking, which is directed flow injection. Can not trade, but also must meet the two conditions mentioned above, the conversion rate and the possibility of additional sales.

has put the corresponding monthly advertising, such as many Adult supplies products, have been put through to site and stand for gender * profit, this is advertising, in order to obtain directional flow, can be transformed, will have to see the advertising pages do have enough.

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