Analysis of the independent blog Wangzhuan

blog is only a few years ago began to rise up to the Internet, and now people are not satisfied with the major portals to provide blog platform, have built their own independent blog. The place on their own GOOGLE, Baidu, Ali mother advertising network, earn money. But the only way to make money on an independent blog site is not just that.

1 GOOGLE, Baidu ad. In advertising, most of us are preferred to provide advertising GOOGLE, browse the internet almost every site has put a lot of GOOGLE advertising. But the feeling of users of such advertising has been numb, and 90% of people can distinguish between advertising, do not believe that such advertising. So lead to our website traffic is high, advertising hits low. With the toss of GOOGLE, Chinese advertising has begun to transfer to Baidu. My blog: carbon fiber blog focused on the carbon fiber industry review, carbon fiber, the word Baidu index is not high, only more than and 400 points, but not to say that the value is not used. Keywords carbon fiber, carbon fiber reinforced, carbon fiber composite. These add up to more than 1 thousand. It doesn’t look like much, but if you use GOOGLE, Baidu ads to earn income, then certainly not high. But more than these Wangzhuan way. Ali mama.

2 do Taobao guest we can say the effort, what SEO, buy the chain. The whole weight loss products list, crown shop list. For the novice is very difficult to shake the old webmaster. That how to get traffic, it is the long tail keywords. We all know that a site’s home page weight is the highest, but a home page can not do long tail keywords, the weight of the page will be reduced. So give us some hope of catching up. Carbon fiber blog is focused on the carbon fiber industry blog comments, carbon fiber is an industrial product, very few people, so I was in the selection of Ali mother advertising and carbon fiber related products are promoted. You can go to the blog to see, every day through the carbon fiber plus the name of the goods come in a few days a day. These are potential customers to buy goods.

3 pay review. Carbon fiber is a relatively high content of science and technology products, my PhD is the subject of carbon fiber, some understanding of the industry. So my next step is to reach Baidu: carbon fiber first page, to provide a paid review. The promotion of a business, relying on Baidu advertising is clearly not able to achieve the purpose, but also how the enterprise, the enterprise product information. To comment on the time, optimize the key words, and then add the comments of the enterprise, is the enterprise hope. This time we publish blog, even without advertising click, people see the content can also increase its value.

this is my little experience to summarize the independent blog for several months, we do not have to stick to a fixed pattern, can develop their own way for wangzhuan. As long as the heart, the network you will

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