09 years how to make money owners how to make money

webmaster how to make money? How to make money?. Make the two words all of an industry for having heard it many times, no matter the celebrity or a green hand rookie. In fact, I like to discuss and write a bit of money to do the topic of the webmaster, although I am still a poor one, oh! Look at this article you do not want to mind oh. 09 years to make money is no longer suitable for the law of N years, Fudge has no longer seem so useful.

webmaster how you want to make money first, please forget those that have been successful mode of Internet media: a flicker out of the new concept, a risk investment, burn smashing popularity, run overseas listing! Now you have to understand that this model is wrong, is suddenly out of the child’s media you cheat, because of this forget a pattern is the key link, it is to make money. To make money, you can not rely on dreams, you need to really help a certain class of people or businesses to make money, or to meet some of their strong spiritual needs.

is acknowledged and mature webmaster model to make money from the general summarized into the following three types: 1, sell products (their own products, other products), selling services (personalized services, standardized services) 3, to engage in investment. For most of the A5 on this article to see the article, the choice of the first two models will be more, choose the first two models, you can not do without a word, whether it is to sell your product or service. So to make money, the key is the marketing, marketing the concept of me not to mention here, interested can go to Baidu search, all want to make money, to have a clear money mode, will give you the consumer group is your audience people they want, whether products or service. In a word if you want to get a still thinking about what the new stuff to flicker to several VC investment, money, burn, the scenery is very. There are too many examples on the Internet that you don’t want to enumerate.

want to make money, not to pay attention to those so-called Alexa ranking, a circle of people saying: "if you want to make money, you should put the Alexa ranking forget!" a no website ranking webmaster earned money is not necessarily than you in the top number of stations long earn less. Want to make money is not necessary to pay attention to the Alexa Rankings every day, because those clever webmaster, they are making money, but let ordinary people can’t see how they make money, so that they can do for a long time. Once their Alexa ranking is too beautiful, will certainly attract a lot of people’s attention, more attention to the people, more natural competitors, it can not do a few days.

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