Some opinions on the Google Adsense K number

on the Adsense K number of research account related issues: Online spread is to change IP, personal experience is as long as the basic will not be connected to clear cookies!

key issues

Google Adsense why K you number


the only reason: you have damaged the interests of Google or you can not bring benefits to the googel as well as advertisers complaints!

what causes damage to the interests of Google!

answer: cheat and invalid click!

cheating all K?

answer is: No, cheating is divided into the realm of

!The first level:

found themselves, can not die! The main benefits for advertising, certainly not to benefit Google


second level: software points, found dead! In fact, the same as the first point, but the expansion of the


third level: the real traffic point, but illegal clicks, such as import traffic (that is, to put their own release Adsense station)

is K probability of 50% or less, because this is the real data, but also to the effect of advertising!

will do K, the answer is yes: invalid click too much!

what is invalid click, that is, can not give advertisers the interests of the proxy CLICK!

Google how to distinguish invalid clicks: first, the above said invalid clicks, there is no idea, after all, I am not a Adsense engineer!

experience is in my Ali martial arts network account was drawn after K, and I hope to help the majority of friends!

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