Rookie guest a year’s experience

in recent years on the Internet the most fire is nothing more than Taobao mall, there are a lot of friends will be needed to buy their goods in there every day, there are a lot of people rely on the Taobao store to obtain a relatively good returns, and a lot of friends shop sales than the store to sell better, so Taobao in a short period of time has accumulated a lot of popularity, Taobao also launched in the success of the birth of Taobao customers for Taobao customers in this industry, many webmaster friends are now done, and the benefits are far more than the site is much higher, so today to talk about what the early Taobao guest novice to do some attention, let you novice friends to take some detours.

, we should make early investigation, because the site traffic is not Taobao customers are, we can choose the domestic space, so that the overall speed to improve, and the site space is not too big, there is a 500M or so is enough.

two, Taobao keyword for customer choice is very important, it can not be sloppy, because we are going to have sales commissions, so we must lock very accurate good keywords, and we should also choose keywords in Baidu index query you selected keyword or search volume, if a keyword search volume without words bring what sales so do not give you, so for the keyword selection we should spend a little effort, remember not to get throught a thing carelessly.

three, learn to analyze competitor’s website and then summarize for the analysis of the competition website included we can start from the analysis of the situation, if included no breakthrough in tens of thousands of words, so you can catch up in the short term is very easy, and you must check the reverse link, each website snapshot time, these all you need is to understand and grasp the.

The overall layout of

four, the website also needs a little effort, after all we do is the product promotion, we should put the product and I believe that the introduction of content to put up, and then add a few of your product promotion pictures, which belongs to the illustrations, which can bring customers good understanding, for your chance of success is a lot of turnover.

Leave your contact

five, on your website, it is best to leave things like QQ, many customers in watching you this will inevitably have some questions like, then we should give customers leave a and our communication channels and platforms, it can also be a good sense of customer friendly increase so as to enhance the customer’s desire to buy can also give their sales promotion to another level.

for the novice to do Taobao first off there are many details are we need to pay attention to, not because of some details do not lead to lose the situation, so do Taobao off before we have to put the question to think, what to do and what not to do, there are some things need to be prepared we have to give early, good planning, better able to operate it later. EAEA guest house.

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