Baidu to promote the theme a reading room two days

Baidu theme promotion, we first look at a group of pictures



now the status quo, the network advertising alliance scarce, scarce upstream. Baidu alliance is very unsatisfactory performance.

when Google and Yahoo are in the large-scale expansion. Baidu action is still very limited,

1. Baidu alliance should not rely on the advantages of the price to occupy the market, the price fluctuated, not as smooth price. Give a stable, long-term, stable feeling.

2. cancel search alliance, since it is necessary to do the Content Alliance, it is necessary to give up the search alliance, the search is limited to a small number of cooperative sites, navigation sites, software tools and Internet cafes, all other canceled.

3. alliance, should not appear this bold, a look and feel of the baidu formal and authoritative inconsistent.

4. Content Alliance to strengthen the title propaganda. Or does not display the content, directly to the title, but also can be customized.

5. in order to reduce the difficulty of the baidu program response, the first direct classification, but also on the baidu of the content of the alliance to conduct a rigorous audit, divided into 32 categories, and then display the appropriate advertising.

6. organized a number of civilian activities, so that more directly know the content of the baidu alliance. And take the initiative to participate in regular interaction.

7. for the upper reaches of the advertising opportunities, at present the enterprise network traffic or investors, can be put in the league is not much, baidu should seize this opportunity to quickly occupy the dominant position in the campaign.

cannot rely on the power to rest on our laurels, as the alliance with GG, the future of the Yahoo, pull open the gap

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