Excellent network co founder Zhang introduced the story sharing community echo



Twitter co-founder Ev Williams now has a great project Medium information structure, and want to make a high-quality content platform. China now has a similar form of Medium products, such as Jane book. I recently learned about the echo platform, the difference is that it wants to make a living community.

community users share stories that will be published in a specific topic group, and other users will see a series of topics that are contributed by different people when they browse the group. The echo team says the target groups in their communities are young people, especially those who are 85 to the next 90 years.

this group of people’s lives and feelings will be more unstable, need to talk about space, " echo " it is hoped that they can share and get a response in the community, and make friends. Echo communities in the community of " " response to " sunshine " the response to the story is regarded as " echo " for individual users or groups are also concerned about the mechanism.


echo is now tested for three months, the amount of over 5000 users, of which the proportion of live users in July more than 50%. The community is also a co-founder of Zhang Yue, a new project. Compared with the professional social network such as gifted, echo community operation will naturally use different ideas. For example, the first social networking acquaintances affected, " friends invited " will be considered indicators of such products, but the echo will be more anonymous community, the invitation system does not apply.

but I’m not sure the Medium form in the long run is really suitable for the life of the community to share, the theme group is equivalent to half story proposition share, may make a limited number of share stories, and if the new group are too complicated, is not conducive to content exposure. If you see more of these projects will be shared with you.

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