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in today’s network, the survival of a variety of "guest": podcasts, Posts guest, Witkey, passengers, etc., transferred off test. "Guest" comes from the English word "Er" transliteration, meaning people in jobs, in general, on the network "guest" from the earliest hackers (hacker), the progressive development of Witkey (Witkey), podcasts (Podcast), inker (Inker) etc.. As the development of China’s Internet is more to learn from foreign experience, so in the name of the occupation are mostly transliteration, or the combination of Chinese and Western approach.

1 podcast

uses voice and creativity to make money online

occupation origin: 2006, online video "murder" caused a Steamed Buns in the network hit, so many people began to understand "podcast" of this work, and start their own production of a variety of audio and video works on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

professional sketch: shoot their own DV, or on the existing pictures, video clips, such as editing and synthetic dubbing, etc., made of audio and video to the Internet to share with you.

qualifications: shooting, performing skills, the use of audio and video production software, creative unique.

practitioners story

click on a gain of 0.4 cents

online on behalf of: Liu Gang, 26 years old, had a designer and extras to make 2008 podcast, called "Liu Gang original"


do video every day in the house, but Liu Gang has said he appreciates the vicissitudes of life. "Because all of the production is done by myself, I often play different roles."

Liu Gang produced a funny video class, but also life, action, such as the short film. In April this year, he produced the "bubble" Tang funny version began to receive attention, now has about 300000 hits. Hit the "Transformers" is a spoof of Liu Gang, Optimus Prime and the Decepticons fighting with his own words instead of dubbing tune version of "watch me change 72", "fruit laugh very much, the click rate is also rising.

Liu Gang, the video on the Internet, by the click rate Click to make money, how much income according to the level of Dan to count. "As we signed and website, click on a profit of 0.4 cents, if it is to add video at a time to earn 2 points." When the outbreak of inspiration, Liu Gang can make up to 4 funny videos a day.

experience sharing

a complete video production score following steps. 1 ideas and creativity. 2 creative and some of the things that are written with words or paintings to facilitate their recording process. 3 recording. 4 post editing. 5 voice. 6 titles, subtitles and some good effects. 7 into the mainstream video sites can play streaming media format.

a great video production takes a lot of work, and a movie

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