Guest personal webmaster website profit pattern should decide on what path to follow

website on the Internet such as search engines emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, almost every one of the words can be filled the entire search page is not indexed showing accounted for most of the stations share the Internet, finally his own website to do the home page, but because the profit mode and difficulties. We are not here to say that they do not want to do a good job profit model stand, but with a profit model is difficult to earn money.

a, Taobao Commission

I have been at Taobao customers, their website promotion Taobao products online, through the transaction commission through the website of the guest link to the shop, but this model has become more and more difficult, the first occurrence of Ali mother every month there is a single black case, originally a month turnover of 1000 pens, but the black list is less than half of the commission can take you to the complaint, no use, November Ali mother freezing Taobao off the assets of more than ten million yuan, you worked hard last month for air, not to mention too many orders to get the Commission website does not meet the eye everywhere.


affiliate programThe

affiliate program is advertising alliance, obtain different profit mode by the Commission to apply to join the alliance.

1, CPM. CPM is through advertising display times to obtain the corresponding Commission mode, half of the domestic is thousands of times to calculate the unit Commission, but it requires a lot of traffic to get, but also for the search engines that signed code is very effect of website optimization.

2, CPA. CPA advertising is by the number of actual sales of products to obtain a single Commission profit model, but individual owners generally do a relatively small scale, single product, to the joint ad clicks are more difficult, not to mention the CPS commission.

3, CPC. CPC advertising is a single click billing advertising model. This advertising model used by most webmaster, but because advertisers fear website cheating often refused to pay Advertising Commission and died.

joint advertising development in China is not a long time and the comparison is not mature, once said that the foreign Wangzhuan master foreign joint advertising is the webmaster of cheating, the domestic advertising alliance is signed in cheating, damage to the main site of this case is the largest.

three, sales of products

too many personal webmaster hand no products can be sold, there is many webmaster, have the resources to get the products, but because users of all aspects of the product and customer service purchase security services and other considerations will eventually abandon the purchase, a low rate finally ended in failure.

general personal webmaster profit model to the above several are in various ways to establish their own There are both advantages and disadvantages., to get the real profit is the webmaster to think and practice their own, here also hope the owners can earn money. This article originates from http://s.www.zhaojin>

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