The decomposition of Zulily what is the profit from the huge loss of the secret

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Bi Sheng pointed out the purchase and sale of vertical class B2C is a hoax on vertical B2C controversy has not ended, and the recent guest Let vertical B2C cast a shadow. In the United States, there are electricity providers, but also profitable, Zulily is a case. IPO information display, Zulily loss of $10 million 300 thousand last year, Zulily, in the first half of this year has achieved a profit of $2 million 300 thousand. This article is adapted from the snowball, from the perspective of financial decomposition of the Zulily model, look at how its electricity supplier profit.


a, Zulily is what company?

said that women and children to make money is the best business, Zulily is a specialized for mothers and children under the age of 10 to provide clothing, toys and home furnishings flash purchase electricity supplier. Flash purchase, namely the product online time is short, discount intensity, the new electricity supplier regularly updated daily mode, known as electricity supplier 2. Zulily as a mother and baby supplies flash purchase electricity supplier, 6 points every morning to update the product, the average online time of 3 days, there are more than a discount of 50%, for the mother and child to provide a daily surprise shopping experience.

currently, founded in 2009, Zulily has submitted IPO documents to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, intends to raise $100 million. The company has a strong internet background in 2012 D round of financing, Zulily financing $85 million, and was valued at $1 billion. At the same time, the loss of $10 million 300 thousand last year, Zulily, in the first half of this year has achieved a profit of $2 million 300 thousand.

is well known, vertical electricity supplier profitability is not easy, then the electricity supplier in the end where the unique


two, mode analysis

1, flash purchase mode to meet the needs of the essence of clothing

Zulily as a baby flash taker, 4000 types of products online at the same time every day, 72 hours to limit panic buying, to ensure that every day a new pattern, to cater to the nature of women’s clothing consumption "innovative ideas". Its annual growth rate of active users up to 100%.

There are three essential requirements of

clothing: protection, decoration and identity. Protection is the function of sporting goods, highlighting the identity of the meaning of the brand, and decoration is the core of fashion and accessories. The psychological characteristics of decorative needs is the "innovation" and "change".

common sense tells us that the needs of the decoration is the largest in the apparel market, who can seize the new and change the nature, who is more likely to become the industry leader. BELLE to multi brand strategy, occupy half of the country’s shopping district, in the shopping mall is hard for women to have Zara create a fish escaped through the seine; fast fashion, with its flexible design, production and logistics system, the annual added about 12000 different styles of clothing, has become.

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