Entrepreneurs need to prepare these three entrepreneurial mentality

Internet era, for entrepreneurs, has never been an easy thing. People only see the bright side of successful entrepreneurs, but they ignore the hardships of the entrepreneurial process. If you want to succeed in business, entrepreneurs need to prepare before starting the three mentality:


1, the mentality of a protracted war.

if you just rely on a cavity blood to start, then you may encounter difficulties quickly cooling even deteriorate unbearable. A survey shows that the success rate of the first venture is 23%, but the proportion of successful entrepreneurs to start a new venture is about 34%. Entrepreneurial hardships on the road is unimaginable. And entrepreneurship is a tough battle, you never know what’s next. The dangerous moment unknown with entrepreneurs, the moment of change is a test of the entrepreneurial spirit. If not in advance of the process according to the market conditions and the user’s response and the dynamic competition to improvise, entrepreneurial failure is almost a matter of pennsylvania. Entrepreneurial process is difficult, more difficult to end, suffering is the typical state of entrepreneurs. On the road, the most common is not success and failure, but a long struggle.

2, firmly adhere to the mentality.

In order to clear business for the entrepreneurial life and life will bring what change

to be clear before the start, entrepreneurship itself is a long, full of variables often feel helpless and confused and even the long march. If you choose to do poineering work, must face the competition risk in the short and the occupation risk, we must start from the lowest point of climbing alone. But entrepreneurs also need to be made one face of work and life, every day the eyes will need to bear the rent, electricity, wages, payment, cash flow and a series of pressure, when the pressure is too large, your life will be influenced by the state of mind and. In addition, entrepreneurship is not a personal matter, once the business, you will never stop, people in the arena involuntarily, every step you have to mobilize a lot of resources, once stopped all commitments may not deliver might have more expectations become disappointed……

3, act immediately.

business, you have no excuse not to go to work, all the things you can not escape, all affect the career decisions of vital importance requires you to make a decision, you have to hold on, once to have immediate action. You have to give your partner confidence, the more difficult the more firm. Whether it is the integration of the use of resources, or a small section of the arrangement, you have to take care of one, or a bad adjustment is a fatal injury. Nobody can casually succeed, entrepreneurs need to hold on the values of self-reliance and hard.

Shen sound entrepreneurs ago on micro-blog wrote: "from last night to this morning, fear more than excited, pressure is greater than the excitement. Entrepreneurship is a personal choice, do not want to enlarge the meaning. Most of the time, let oneself high (excited) is very easy, let the heart be difficult. Open >

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