Taobao’s blue whale online combat

recently, many owners have been discussed the matter, I am very lucky, Taobao is one of the "blue whale" beta webmaster, to participate in the beta is not much, look at the famous webmaster forum, and not on the advertising alliance, there is no sun "shit".

So I

for the first time we broke, that is how to bask in income, personal experience, the first is the blue whale Tuo baked plan non famous strength "bullshit" fragrant circle (shit, has become the past, brother lead you tread on the regressed donghonghong "bullshit"), the administrator don’t be stingy, hurry to a gorgeous Post Bar essence. Ha ha!

account name hidden, the province’s people say I do advertising.

in accordance with international practice, I also come to bask in the income of the station in March 17th 1378.62 of revenue, generally around 1500, a good income!


The greatest feeling

these days trial down is, "blue whale" income is considerable, I make a comparison, the same flow, the same position, put GG ads a day’s income is about $200, on the Baidu theme promotion is about 600 yuan, put Taobao Union, the income is 1500 yuan so, if there is an upward trend. In comparison, Baidu theme promotion is the worst! Good things to Baidu ruined. GG recently quit China webmaster rumors, not good news, can choose space becomes less, mom, it seems that this year by the "blue whale".

there should be some owners to participate in the beta, we can discuss together, also to bask in your "bullshit"


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