Video website profit hero or advertising 3G profit prospects

      as if overnight, China’s video site suddenly blowout.

      2006 is called "the first year of Chinese video". Numerous video sites, like for their courage, are known to have VC investment, which more than tens of millions of dollars, a few hundred million yuan. However, this is only a flash in the pan. Because there is no clear profit model, most of them have not so far to VC’s second investment.

      spend money on Internet users to see ads

      CCID Consulting analyst Tan Bin believes that the lack of recognized network video double pressure and high operation cost profit model, to the operating income to maintain the normal operation of the site would be whimsical, but it is some "whimsical" approach to let investors see the dawn of network video website. The emerging video website "top network" launched paying users see advertising service, is a worthy approach, namely the real name registration site within the specified time limit, as long as users read the advertising business can get a certain amount of payment. According to the top network founder Zhai Jianxin introduced, before the company did not consider the users feel, just want to make money now, with the Internet users, Internet users can click on to earn real money". In the advertisers, Internet users to find their own living space, has now become part of the vertical video website of the new profit model.

      in addition, some video sites have begun to actively seek video sharing community, patch advertising, mobile value-added and advertising platforms and other aspects to seek a breakthrough. The investment analysis report Sheng believes that the current network video has four options: the first is the profit model of online advertising, mainly in the form of video ads patch; second is the value-added services, such as Chinese enterprise video network and China Netcom jointly launched the "broadband business world", for each enterprise to provide product display, image display, leader show business video services, becoming the first video message additional keyword search engine; third is the quality of the content transfer of broadcast rights, such as the Hu Ge boys after the network works spread rapidly on the Internet, sold to SP; fourth is the quality of the content to watch, such as movie network issues etc..

      3G brings earnings prospects

      the combination of wireless value-added services and broadband services has become a hot topic of discussion in video sites, they believe that this model may bring new vitality to broadband sites." Jishizixun general manager Qu Xiaodong told reporters.

      the day before, the YouTube said the company expects next year to push.

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