Rice and vegetable roll give some suggestions to make money online beginners

the last time I wrote an article "Why study Wangzhuan tutorial you can’t earn money" after a lot of new friends with me, and then are asked about Wangzhuan things, there are a few points I want to notice:

1 I do not sell tutorials so please do not like me to buy a tutorial with

2 I’m not your teacher, I have no obligation to teach you something, I would like to give you as much as I recommend

3 stand do not have a good RP, in this circle, you do not mix long

4 do not understand what Baidu Baidu have, do not say you will not search

5 I pick up the business is a personal webmaster I will be at a very low price service because I think if it is not to do not stand too much

good crap finished

today to some of the things you want to Wangzhuan novice who should know before some suggestions about making money online with everyone:

Wangzhuan: all make money through the network can say many types, I not say out

1 is best not to do some Wangzhuan novice


click, voting, coding, and this kind of don’t say money is not money, I said you can earn, but novice generally not so patient, this type of return alone Wangzhuan cycle will be in about 50 days, and no guarantee of what. Earn $stand is a foreign station, requirement of speed is also higher, so many novice to do this after a week to give up, so give your line to the Commission most beginners are recommended by others connected to know these click station, so I suggest a new hand or don’t do these so, blow my confidence.

2 look at the tutorial to think about

Wangzhuan tutorial spread everywhere can find some people make Wangzhuan tutorial, but these tutorials are uneven, some tutorial recording lisp, vaguely, some tutorial exaggerated, these things are largely to mislead the novice friends. Another one is the most published tutorial project in fact can not do to the number or the operation will make money, usually this kind of tutorial is issued to the author or propaganda apprentice training what like, so novice friends after reading the tutorial to learn to think, people must have their own thoughts, or you forever it will not grow.

3 Analysis of money making model

(1) alliance to make money through the alliance to make money, more common, do most of the station is on the GG, do not do the majority of the regular station to do the temptation of CPA, SP is no good.

(2) traffic to make money to buy traffic, hang flow Union, click through the volume cheat.

(3) I like this kind of money service station to provide some services such as people on the network this kind of There are plenty of people who need to have a certain technology, based on

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