Do bidding should pay attention to a few taboos

1, a major error in product selection.

if you sell this product, is a common product in reality, and in Taobao can be easily purchased, or in the sale of a lot of bidding, you do not have the price advantage.

generally speaking, we need to do the bidding products must meet the monopoly, the concept of the three characteristics of the huge profits, if your product does not have these three characteristics, it is not suitable for bidding.

2, the page is too rubbish.

The quality of a

page, you can from the side reflects the strength of the company or the product strength, so in order to do the bidding, must invest in page design, looking for professional designers to design.

3, there is no advantage compared to similar products.

when do the bidding, we cannot create a new consumer, we launched new products in general, there are other alternative products, then we will compare these products, such as my driver car glasses, now there are many similar products, then we will be for me products and their products are compared, there is a list of the middle, let everyone see the price gap with both sides of the gap, this way you can maximize the driver move.

also have to compare one, that is, the use of the product and do not use the product comparison, this is more likely to impress users.

4, no shelves before the effect of testing.

In the previous

products to invest for advertising, must flow effect test, I took the glasses for it, you should go to some drivers or riders Forum Forum selling glasses advertising, then slowly test flow and the glasses sales site, and then through the relationship to determine the flow of the unit how much is the most appropriate.

5, customer service is not online

if we are on a product of interest, it may directly contact with customer, if the customer is not online, nobody answered the phone, you may immediately turn off the page, we have wasted traffic.

(1), we do not online, or when we rest, to stop the flow of release.

(2), we want to install the customer service code, each visitor, on the initiative to play Hello, this way you can turn everyone interested into your customers.

6, contact

if the way you QQ or email, so many people may not be interested in, because there are some people who are interested in the product, do not add you, they love to call, so be sure to get some good telephone number.

7, text description

a text description of the advertising page, also

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