Do stand 4 years summed up the offbeat made monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars

spent 4 years standing, a few years ago by the search engine traffic GG advertising, also earning thousands of dollars, but has been hovering around $1000, no matter how hard I try, my advertising revenue or not go, I analyzed the reason, is the limited energy, focus on this aspect. The results will certainly decline, so doing, or only hovering around $1000! Like a prostitute, a whoremaster earn 100, 10 times a day is 1000, 100 is 10 thousand, 1000 is 100 thousand, a woman can do several times a day?

a station, the flow is very big, only the big 10 stations, 100 stations, you have more energy to get through the tube, the tube is not over, put it only so little traffic, rely on advertising, break the days are so


I have always thought that Amway’s idea is good, but there is not a link to my site to go!

later found a Amway in the air, the United States is the local Amway, called Quixtar, is the development of the Internet, but it does not work.

because the first, my English is not good, second, the product shipped over expensive. After a period of study, it is still impossible to link up with my website!

later, about E Cosway, and I think this can be the website link to do


Cosway and my site combination. The effect is much better than GG!

Cosway is Malaysia’s air and the idea of WAL-MART, and Amway is similar, is the sun and double line system upgrade (due to kneel here I just want to introduce my station exchange, this experience is not a detailed description of the Cosway).

due to my personal I have a little introverted, not to the teacher as the others off the reel indoctrination, no sales skills, but do not mean to others, but I am a webmaster, I do it my own way, combined with the site

, the effect is very good!

I made a local forum, a mall. The products are Cosway added to my store, there are tens of thousands of kinds of products, I can only choose a thousands of freight subsidies. The mall is done, I hand, optimize the use of keywords, and then proper propaganda, at the same time I made a name card, write on my store address, see a friend, say I opened an International Mall, which is sold on the international effect of good products. They have time to look at it!

and I place the forum is a party, often organize activities, organize sports activities, I put the living water machine, the water is also very sweet, thirst, like spring, someone asked me if I like him, is our mall. In addition, I drink coffee, ah, with toothpaste, ah, are also my mall inside, are good, others asked me to say that I was in the mall, and then give him a business card.

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