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micro video will become a new generation of IM, to ensure that the communication information is not distorted, to support the real life of fragmented time to communicate!

Internet has brought great changes to our way of life, but also brought unlimited business opportunities. APPOOF observation point of view: want to communicate this piece, as we talk about the Internet brings us great changes in communication, while the future direction of entrepreneurship can be discussed.

since the birth of the Internet, our way of communication has been changing. The first EMAIL, to the later IM tools: such as QQ. Internet Co generated during the giant, has also been constantly affecting the development of the Internet pattern. From the perspective of information transmission to analyze the development of this communication mode.

In the early stage of

, information transmission is mainly through the transmission of text, which is mainly limited by the influence of the network environment. If from the communication point of view, a large amount of information loss.

there is a word called: the characters in the process of communication, the language contains only 20% of the amount of information transmitted by the recipient, more through the expression of the characters, actions, voice and intonation, etc..

this is also caused by the different cultural backgrounds, or between different individuals, through the early text communication on the Internet, it is easy to produce ambiguity. The consequences of ambiguity can sometimes be devastating catastrophes!)

then chat expression appears in the text, through the communication of information at the same time, adding expression, attitude of emotional expression through expression to simulate the givers, the amount of information on the man wants to convey more reserved.

later speech, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, has brought greater imagination to our communication, as a man, can better themselves want to express information, more complete transfer to the recipient, YY voice, as we are now very popular LINE, WeChat.

mainstream Internet communication, to this stage, to stop in the language.

believe that a lot of people see here, it will be refuted: the QQ video chat, this is not a simple voice Oh!

yes, QQ video chat is a frequent online video chat, network transmission speed is not affected, can be very good for communication between the two sides to provide a realistic simulation of very good communication scenarios, ensure information transfer to keep more perfect. But, why QQ video chat can not become the mainstream public communication? Is one of the main reasons for QQ or 3G video chat, video chat or fragments of time can not exchange mode in reality. This type of video communication requires both sides of the communication online, can not be absent, otherwise the communication immediately stop.

in order to ensure the communication information is not distorted, and better support the real life >

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