Ali mother advertising existing several BUG

mom is our new Adsense these grassroots straw, a new application for the station, Baidu GG with the station, is to join the league, I lost a small station in the world, IP is not much, the station is not large, natural advertising mainly rely on the mother, with a mother after the time, found his mother after all is a new alliance, there are some sort of bug, write here about luantan.

first, each page can be more advertising (mom Union has been corrected this morning)

When I apply for a

mother devoted to the forum to find, that is each page can hang 6 pages, my web page is not large, the artists do is poor (find the source), and Ali mother advertising is more beautiful, so in order to make the page not too monotonous, put ads as a the large and small home page, Hang Hang 8 advertising, didn’t think mom was all through the audit, a figure, and smoothly sell advertising, and has sold nearly two months, this morning we get up early in the morning home mom advertising two do not show (the site in the lower left corner), and view the source file can see my mom in the code still exists, but does not show up, I also several stations today also appeared in a similar situation, are not Display more than 6 ads to prove that her mother last night, a technical upgrade, you can determine the number of ads displayed on the same page.

second, the site’s main website domain name registration and audit problems


has registered website in the mother, I choose the space business as the two level domain (domain name was not ready), registered website name is my free English network, when I wrote the two level domain name is for a bit faster into the Ali Mama advertising, also did not think so much so, I want to switch to the.Cn domain name. When I could not find a method to change the domain name, Ali finally asked the owner, the answer is temporarily unable to change, and upgrade it, I can’t wait to upgrade plus space immediately expired, had to re registration, re registration is good, not the death of me, the original site in Ali mother I have been registered, but the site was not the station, under the depressed I tried to add a full stop after the name of the website to re submit, did not think he passed the audit, has been used now. This thing is the mother of the site audit or loopholes, at least can not identify similar two web pages. (you can buy advertising input "free English network" in the mom to test results is the site name with a period with a period as of January 4th is still so late)

third, the same ads placed in multi domain multi space, click still can be credited as a website revenue

my site as the No. 4 morning encounter 6 limit the number of ads, but do not show a bit of advertising has been sold, so to the interests of advertisers, for I had to get the praise, also get a space station to hang up, with different domain name >

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