Yiqifa Christmas Carnival 99 online bookstores to double rebate


Hello! Christmas Carnival, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%, with 100 minus 30


active link page http://s.www.99read.com/subject/0712/xmas_sc.aspx

12:00, a December 10th to December 24th 24:00, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%. The actual amount paid to rebate settlement orders shall prevail.

two, November 23, 2007 12:00 to 24:00 in December 20th, full of minus in the 30, buy more to send more than.

active link http://s.www.99read.com/subject/0711/song30.aspx

three, pre deposit of 200 yuan to send $20, multi deposit and more.

active link http://s.www.99read.com/subject/051227kuan.aspx

four, 99 exclusive books, 39 fold, 41% off cap.

http://s.www.99read.com/moban/050307moban.aspx? Id=658

five, the popular literature of the top 1000 best-selling classic cap 41% off.

active link http://s.www.99read.com/moban/050307moban.aspx? Id=571

six, gift department full volume

active link http://s.www.99read.com/gift/gift.aspx


seven series, gift, enjoy the cumulative

active link http://s.www.99read.com/ebuy/Promotion.aspx

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