Do GG and MM alliance feelings

last year when I used my blog to apply for the GG number, has been useless, to a few months ago to do a website. Put the GG advertising, but because the site content and advertising GG my match is not much, the moderator network is a network of part-time and part-time content, so did the GG, but do not like.

so in, network owners forum also see post learning, so that there is such a Ali mother advertising alliance, without demur on MM bar, the registration is very simple GG better. Mom has a benefit is to sell advertising and click on the income, all of a sudden I choose to Wangzhuan advertising. Set the key word, put the code on the site, put 6, the second day, hey, there are 0.96 of the income, and finally tasted the sweetness of the.

now found Ali mother really is a good platform, is not to say that GG is not good, but for our small it is a good choice. ,

writes for the first time, sucks

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