Guangzhou announced the top 05 tax NetEase ranked in the top sixty fourth

From the April 26th Guangzhou municipal government press conference was informed that the Guangzhou 2005 tax hundred list for the first time announced. Guangdong cigarette factory topped the list with 4 billion 379 million 550 thousand yuan, Guangzhou NetEase Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. ranked in the top 64.

at the same time, Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau also announced this year first tax notice, Guangzhou city ended March 31, 2006 outstanding local revenue of 2 million yuan more than 39 enterprises exposure, local taxes in arrears amounted to 330 million yuan.

According to the announcement of the

enterprises taxes data show that the Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Group Co. company last year for four times after tax announcement once again boarded the first quarter of this year due to tax arrears list, is still about 74000000 yuan. In addition, compared with the fourth quarter of last year’s tax notice, this quarter taxes enterprises before five is still not changed, the city of Guangzhou ocean real estate development company, Guangzhou Yinshan Construction Development Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Bairun Real Estate Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Xinya Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. with taxes enterprises first in Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Group Co. Ltd. in this quarter tax list of second to fifth.

compared with the fourth quarter of last year tax notice, the announcement of 6 new companies, including Guangzhou City, a new wing of 100 real estate development company limited due to cash flow difficulties to pay taxes and taxes for the first time on the list, is a list of new businesses owed most tax owed taxes amounted to 7 million 130 thousand yuan. Has drawn the attention of Guangzhou City Kai Group Limited was the first announcement of outstanding taxes owed, corporate income tax, personal income tax, business tax, urban construction tax, real estate tax about 4600000 yuan.

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