An ordinary railway workers Wangzhuan road Taobao shop

Hello, nice to meet you here, the first self introduction, I am a part-time Wangzhuan ordinary people, from the beginning of 2006 wangzhuan. Monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. And I’m just an ordinary railroad worker. I talk to you about these years Wangzhuan experience today, may have inspired the Wangzhuan novice. For those who already have a huge income, but also to see a lively bar.

you may wonder, a railway worker should be paid ~ may not do Wangzhuan what. In fact, there are a lot of ordinary people like me to create their own wealth. May not be called wealth. I’m a train driver, but not a long-distance runner.. Is that in Dongfanghong type locomotive shunting we called DF7C pull away oh. Because the usual work is ~ ~ ~ the day night rest so I started to do Wangzhuan when they are using the rest time in doing. That year, I first contact is Taobao shop, perhaps a lot of people have done. At first, what all don’t understand, just to quit playing the game addiction began to do wangzhuan. But my income is only 1000 yuan less than. I took out a month’s salary so that my friends from Guangdong with a lot of clothes back to sell on Taobao. But a series of questions baffled me.

for example, the clothes did not take pictures, I have to find a digital camera, as well as some open shop procedures. At that time, no one around the contact. So only by their own research. My wife’s comment on me is that no matter what the problem, I will find a way to solve their own. So comment on their dedication, after more than half a year’s efforts, the shop has begun to profit. From the beginning of their own purchase to the development of agents on the internet.. In fact, this agent is also very simple.. Is provided by a company source, as well as photos, sell goods to let him shipped. Earn their own profits, when a piece of clothing can earn about 20 yuan.. This is my own in the network earn first pot of gold.

through hard work, after a year I got the 2 diamond, was at the time of my acting clothing company’s gold agent. For open shop, I was also learning all day in the forum. In addition, I have a trick is propaganda. In fact, it is mass. But want to rely on a mass software, a day to send 10 thousand more information.. In order to mass. I bought a dedicated only 1300 of second-hand laptop. But my income should be about 2000 a month.

remember the most glorious time to sell 10 pieces of clothing a day… Oh maybe for now the Wangzhuan master.. Those profits are nothing. But for the average railroad worker with a salary of less than 1000, that was a pretty good extra income. For the beginner, if you want to open a Taobao shop, then you must choose a good supply of goods, is now very competitive. If your goods are not competitive, how to create wealth on the Internet?. It’s still at home.


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