How big is the foreign blog of how to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month

BusinessWeek recently released an article about how foreign top bloggers make money. Blog alliance will be the classification of their articles, and added a lot of content. For reprint, please keep this link. The blog alliance will be divided into two chapters to introduce these blogs, and then in the third chapter to analyze the blog can make so much money through the blog reason.

blog Revenue: more than $1000000 a year

build time: January 2000

alexa rank: 2180

technorati rank: 2


RSS Subscriptions:

traffic: 2007 BoingBoing is 22000000, IP is 2600000, with an average daily visit of 733333, an independent visitor of $86666 for the PV.

update frequency: 20-40 articles per day.

Author: four people.

advertising forms and costs: small button ads: $350 / week. Navigation bar advertising: minimum 2000-3000 U.S. dollars / week

blog theme: Science and technology, humorous stories, science fiction stories, computers, etc..

blog Revenue: about $70000 / year

build time: January 2007

alexa rank: 4840

technorati rank: 24


traffic: PV about 500000 days.

Author: two people, one full-time blog, a part-time

advertising forms and costs: Google Adsense, AdBrite and online advertising, etc., 500-5400 dollars an ad.

blog theme: the picture of the cat

blog Revenue: about $150000 / year

build time: October 2005

alexa rank: 2074

technorati rank: 70


RSS Subscriptions: 9954

traffic: 20000 independent visitors / day

Author: one person

forms of advertising and advertising costs: Alliance advertising and advertising. Blog >

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