Talk about Taobao money from Baidu index

with Ali mother rally capacity continues to improve, more and more personal webmaster and Internet companies even have many bloggers have joined the ranks of Taobao customers, including MSN, Jiuyou these large Internet companies, Ali mother known in the depressed economic environment to provide employment opportunities for the society, 100 thousand. But Taobao’s market is so big it? As the first batch of Taobao off, I would like to express my personal views.

first, personal webmaster and MSN, Jiuyou these large sites one of the biggest difference is that the power of the group from search engines, so talking about the topic from the search engine.

we all know, after the shield Baidu crawler, Baidu can grab only home, Taobao mall, Taobao community a few channel home page, so the keywords related products (such as, womens clothing etc.) have disappeared from Baidu, which provides a good opportunity for Taobao guests, more and more owners to add these keywords inside the site, after all, the majority of consumers did not know Baidu is a shield, there are still people directly in the Baidu input " clothing" and other words, a lot of visitors is not to look at the following URL, who went in front of the who, see the product Click to enter the Taobao, if satisfied with the transaction once the webmaster have commission income.

but the problem lies in the key words, to my website as an example, my website keywords, the main push is " clothing", is currently ranked second in the Baidu Google page, page seventh, the keyword every day from Google in several traffic. I have seen in the friends may remember my website before the main push of the name is " bag", today’s Baidu index is 157, is currently one of my tag ranked sixth, the flow rate is 0, the main push of the keyword once home, index fifty or sixty, ranked first every day but four or five a flow. Previously do not understand, that the Baidu index is very accurate, and later was aware of being brushed out.

We now wish to enter the Baidu

"" a few words, look at the following ten related search, look at their Baidu index, not only at this time, you look at the past year, at a glance, almost out of the brush, which have so many people to search! But with the growing number of Taobao customers, a lot of friends because of cultivation site too slow and choose brush index of the so-called "shortcut", it does have a certain effect, "" cosmetics "home" is this a few words in recent days to come, but the content is king and the chain for the emperor. The era is not over, want to get the maximum benefit, or to optimize those important keywords do stand more practical, today you’ve built up a new word, tomorrow will be someone brush word super Too.

personal webmaster Taobao guest way can go far, we wait and see, here to remind and I like the novice webmaster, please don’t believe shortcuts, but also to look at the index

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