Micro blog’s writing skills and network marketing

has now entered the era of


micro-blog, in the rise of China’s speed is less than the ears of thunder, when a person does not know what is micro-blog, the second day wake up, micro-blog has become the most popular keywords on the network. There are a lot of people see the business opportunities inside, with micro-blog to advertise, have achieved very good results.

but a lot of people who use micro-blog to do marketing, may face the same problem:


1 micro-blog micro-blog official and personal differences in content, view, interaction, information dissemination, rather than individual micro-blog into a company product promotion platform, the company micro-blog do personal emotional vent field.

2 fails to consider both computer reading and mobile reading.

or 3 each in two words or three or feel 140 words, not enough.

4 micro-blog failed to stick to a product or company culture, products or other companies associated with the extension of the content.

5 official micro-blog for the third party to do with the background of the status of the identity does not match or no relevant position.

6 how to express ideas in unfamiliar areas.

here, I have collected on the Internet with their own experience to share with you. Micro-blog is divided into: micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog (micro-blog). Personally think that to communicate with micro-blog and a group of like-minded people themselves, can fully exert the value of micro-blog, can break the boundaries of time and space, realize the thinking of the collision, also can be the first time to know the latest relevant information on themselves. This is similar to the choice of their own industry related forums from online advertising.

I of micro-blog marketing understanding, marketing staff to write, and to his own career friends for purpose, not to outsiders Yan micro-blog as the main purpose of the dissemination of information. An example: if a person opened a shop, the letter of the digital products, and in his micro-blog, it should be 15-30 years of age or who are interested in network digital people, like to choose the main theme of the digital network forum to do Internet advertising almost.

I talk about the marketing of micro-blog’s writing skills, the following points are welcome to correct the supplement:

1 micro-blog open, should pay attention to and find themselves in line to related sites to open their own micro-blog, limit yourself to talk about micro-blog, can be properly set wide, if necessary, can also extend the range of appropriate. However, the main core must be related to their own products or sales of the industry, because you may be micro-blog fans are directed at you in this field, too easy to make people lose direction. Limit as little as possible to limit and limit their own domain relationships >

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