The PR requirements for Dell products website alliance

rules for Dell products SEO site requirements

1, the site is strictly prohibited to use the Dell name URL, page Title tags do not allow the use of DELL /DELL official website, DELL /DELL China and so easy to confuse the text of consumers

2, site navigation and website content may not appear DELL official website text

3, website published DELL product promotion information and price must be consistent with DELL China website promotion information and price. Once the DELL company found that the site published expired, false promotional information, the site generated all orders are not paid, while the website to cancel the eligibility of DELL advertising.                

4, the website can quote DELL and DELL product related news reports, but the timeliness of news should be within 2 months

5, web site is not allowed to publish DELL and DELL negative news reports

6, web site structure and page should have their own unique design,

(COPY) DELL site structure, page IA and design elements are strictly prohibited, embedded DELL navigation site is strictly prohibited

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