Adsense will be the advertising alliance

everybody stationmaster, everybody is good. I am a small webmaster, no achievements, there is no special experience, but recently put an advertising alliance, I think the effect is good, so I want to share with you. Details:

You can see the

NetEase, Tencent in the content inside put such as dotting other advertising alliance advertising, you might think, such a large portal why put a little more than his name, ranking behind the advertising alliance of advertisement, in here, I analyze the reason about the simple and if there is wrong, please forgive me:

1, no ads.

this is the most important. For the portal site, the content is the survival of the fundamental, and in order to significantly improve the value of each page advertising, we must make full use of each element in the page. Picture, advertisement, text. The characteristics of the ads need to account for a certain area of the page, so the setting of a page is limited, and the operation is not so convenient. The use of the text of the ad union automatically extract the contents of the key words, the content of the advertising process to enhance the value of advertising.

2, the most convenient operation of advertising

text ads have perfect background support, keyword extraction, web site matching and netizen behavior analysis of complex operation by dotting, while also providing automatic bidding service for the user, the user can according to the budget line by setting the bid limit automatic control, as long as users fill in the form of advertising and advertising content, selection of floating for the window, you can easily complete the advertising and management.

3, the most innovative form of advertising

text ads play completely by the audience, triggering the mouse floating window display, beautifully designed floating window with text, pictures, flash, carousel, video and other forms of advertising glorified, make advertising become the focus of.

I think of the above points, we think the most valuable is the phrase "automatic extraction advertising keywords, without advertising, advertising pages to enhance the value, so that the alliance is not everyone want to do? But the above mentioned many small owners dotting the advertising alliance is limited, generally not by the audit, so here I’d like to introduce a same effect, the audit conditions relaxed the advertising alliance.

text advertising alliance profile: (details of

text ads, the use of a unique intelligent behavior analysis technology, consumers will be interested in the pre search information and initiative. When the user borrows the mouse to trigger the keyword, a mild display graphics, Flash, video and other multimedia effects, click enter to view the relevant information.


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