Chinese Wangzhuan career development path

With the development of Web2.0

, the new concept of "higher" by more and more users know, this new Web2.0 sites have been increasingly reported. The current "Wangzhuan" can be divided into physical and mental type Wangzhuan wangzhuan.

manual Wangzhuan


of these more complex Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, different forms. Is the main form of click advertising to make money, money and money registered website survey, for example, PC. Is a point of advertising to earn PC balls, and through the PC website for real. Most of these sites have credit problems, the site’s life cycle is relatively short, the user clicks on the ad or registered the site but can not get revenue.

intellectual Wangzhuan

2000, China’s Internet has emerged a new term – "blog". At first, the Internet users will visit the site every day experience and opinions recorded, and be open to others to reference and follow. But with the rapid expansion of the blog, it has been far from the original purpose. At present, the network of thousands of Internet users to blog has great difference. But in which there is a part of the blog to "higher" as the main or additional purposes, they put through Ali Mama, at the top or at the end of the Google AdSense and other online advertising to generate revenue. But "money blogging" which is a new way of Wangzhuan have not yet been blog provider support, like Sina, Sohu and NetEase are not allowed to put in their own blog, Ali mother in the article in Google Adsense network advertisement, so "money blogging" which is a new way of Wangzhuan is currently limited to the personal blog, personal blog because of the need to purchase the domain name and space and space for maintenance and only by a few users to accept, which also limits the development of "money blogging" this emerging Wangzhuan way.

in 2005, a new term – "Witkey appeared on the Internet China". The Witkey The key English Witkey is the abbreviation of wisdom of, is through the Internet to their own wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into actual income people, they resolved on the Internet through science, technology, work, life and learning problems so that knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills reflect the economic value. After more than a year of development, has produced many of the "Witkey" as the theme of the new Web2.0 website, which is famous to the number of "task China", "pig" and "Witkey China" etc.. The development of the "task China" is also reported by the traditional media such as readers, CCTV and so on. However, the problem of credit Witkey limits the further development of this web site, Witkey cheating has become the most important problem must be solved in the further development of Witkey website. After asking the question, the other person will log in and forge a new answer. Then the questioner will choose his own answer as the best answer

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