7 ways to make money Taobao Raiders

do Taobao off a monthly income of million people greatly, Amoy income on the list a week hundreds of thousands of people, you are not very jealous. Many people started to earn money, some people even suspect on the list of data is false, you can responsibly tell you that a lot of Amoy earn a lot of money, let alone on the hundred dollars, Nisshin million are many. I am not a guest, I just found out that fought in these methods is to make money:

1, mass (recommended)

including blog group, BBS group, QQ mass, mass mail. These mass effect is good, I think you must have received a similar QQ advertising information. Focus on the blog and forum. Now you are in use Baidu Search Moumou, Moumou official website, the flagship store is not found in many BBS pages in Baidu home page? Another blog mass effect please see below, a short period of time, sent more than 2 thousand articles, is now 10 in the morning, traffic on the 65, I have observed a day at about 200-500IP. Similar blog, you can easily get 10, the 100 out. Flow is not a problem. These are the guest a day on the accurate flow estimates more than 500 yuan of income.

2, point hair (good operation, new recommendation)

is a word I conjecture, it is focused, targeted advertising, in order to distinguish the above mass. Similar to a very long time ago, the fire Sohu micro-blog rankings, watercress pages, and so on, as long as you get a keyword to micro-blog, there is a good ranking. A micro-blog account, corresponding to a keyword. Almost every word has a good ranking, a word can be dozens of hundreds of IP. Unlike mass, all of a sudden to send thousands of articles, and then hit the luck to a few traffic. An average of 0.1IP, 3000*0.1=300IP. The amount is large, the flow is enlarged. The two method.

3, API (not recommended)

to be honest, API is out of date, but it is undeniable that there are still very individual, included millions, tens of thousands of traffic a day, can not make a lot of money, I do not have to say. It is hard to imagine why Baidu would not K these few stations. Here we do not recommend doing. I have to spend several hundred dollars to buy such guest program, the result is a lesson when settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Now API is very difficult.

4, a single page (recommended)

one of the easiest ways to operate, newcomers can try. Baidu search "single page source", there are 400 thousand results, one page is visible now how the fire. When you search for a keyword, often a lot of single page on the home page. You can find yourself. It is worth noting that you do a single page station, we must look for a lot of friends chain, there is effect.

5, buy traffic (not recommended)

Some well-known

station, site navigation, there are many.

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