Sogou index Sohu forum to achieve high traffic

we first review the soft advertising three forms of advertising.

1, direct links, the effect of this kind of advertising is best, but the probability of being deleted by the administrator is also the largest.

2, plus storage traffic tools such as QQ, the advertising effect is good, but the strict administrator will delete the post, for some dumpster or forum, basically this can all be deceived clearance.

3, plus search keywords, this kind of advertising effect is the worst, but the most hidden, can easily bypass the administrator audit.

then we choose what, if the Sohu in the forum, we should choose which one, because the integrated community belongs to the regular of Sogou, so they must audit is very strict, so we choose the third.

so let’s go back to the past, then what is the source of independent search, why should we create a search source?

search source means in search of these words, "we are in the first row," in the search engine keywords ranked first, a possibility that this keyword is a unique keyword, as long as the web page is collected, then automatically ranked first, and because of only one page of this keyword, so it must be the first, another is your web page keywords, although there are a lot of search results, but you are in the first row, that is to say the three words search source means to search keywords, your goal must row "in the first place.

Sogou index, that is to say words every day every moment being high frequency search, we are in search of some keywords, find Sogou forum is in the first place, we need to do next is:

1, the day of the search Sogou search index, and then search keywords in the index as the title, and then search for a related article, sent to the corresponding forum Sohu.

2, to modify the article, then add your soft text advertising, for example, we want to use the search source is the dream of Baba, that is to say, the article dream Baba these four words to add to your hair, but also to link properly, but also can bring the enthusiasm of all the dream to search Baba these four words.

3, because these are popular keywords, plus Sohu forum ranking advantage, so your article, soon to be search engine on the top, so through the search engine more and more people watch you on the forum of the Sohu, in order to search for more and more people dream of Baba, to achieve the dream of Baba flow promotion.

this is a simple, long-term flow method, very simple, but rely on a large amount to win, when you have 1000 key pages, each page on the

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