Novice do not know how to do the site to make money to make money Taobao guest

Ma Yun’s Taobao customer in the past two years is a good meal for a living online occupation part-time staff, to understand the network technology and the popularization of friends do Taobao guest is doing a good job, a lot of people are devoted to Taobao money off plan, start a full-time Taobao guest. Taobao off the low threshold, free, fast money led to the rapid spread of the horn, so a lot of people have come in the network utterly ignorant of this circle, learning how to make money off of Taobao.


is the best way to do the guest yourself to be a site and then implement SEO to optimize product guide to the website, and for the new website is concerned, is the beginning of obstacles, what application domain name, domain name, what what what FTP, HTML code, SEO and so on, this is very strange for keywords people, especially just entered the circle of people, no one is willing to volunteer to help you, so in the short term to make a website looks very difficult, even if it is not to say, can not make money. In addition, a website to calculate at least 100 yuan for investment, not to make money on the new money is difficult to accept. Today, I learned from my own and grasp some of the knowledge, mainly for the new Taobao guest talk about how to build a website can not quickly make money from Taobao customers. Veterans can skip.

believe that everyone has his own blog, everyone at the forum had made it a new post, how fun blogs and forums to implement Taobao money off plan, this user-friendly, but is the sharing of experience.

Alibaba blog to do Taobao guest

Alibaba and Taobao blog guest belong to Ma, Ma to give you a better promotion of Taobao products, specially in the blog developed can add Taobao (Taobao off) product advertising. But there is a little less than that is not allowed to leave the other side of the blog does not allow the station to click on the link to jump, but here we can completely ignore these. We now take the Alibaba blog as our own website.

is only recommended for Ali blog to do, because I was in over a year of dozens of blog research and promotion process, found in Baidu Ali blog weight is very high, very good ranking; secondly, does not appear after Taobao customer code is blocked or blog traffic is too large to be blocked by the administrator the problem, because in the other blog for Taobao customer behavior is in fact as is prohibited, so Alibaba do Taobao is the preferred guest blog. The focus on how to do, first of all we have to choose the products we want to promote, here we recommend the choice of a higher commission, the competition is relatively small products to do, because you are new, starting from a simple bar. For example, you can choose the foot massage basin, Soybean Milk machine, car navigation systems, radiation maternity, a brand of cosmetics or a well-known crown stores (such as: the starry, walk in Xixi are very famous, every day people go to the Baidu search name), but to stimulate the specific products you go to see what production.

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