Several models to make money online summary

as a webmaster recently feel confused, to make money online to summarize several models for yourself to think tonight, on the way, but also to share with the webmaster.

personally think that the main network to make money in the following modes:

1 earn company money

this model is now a lot of owners to make money model, mainly to earn a variety of advertising costs, such as representatives of Google, Alibaba, etc.. Advantage is easy to get started, just like a garbage can be added to the advertising code, and then you can query the income situation every day. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to quickly earn a stable income of small owners, perhaps only a few tens of dollars a month income, and the energy input disproportionate. I have an online game dating stations have thousands of IP traffic a day, full of Google Advertising, but only one day 0.2-0.5 knife income, less than 100 a month, do very boring. There is a need to pay attention to the problem is that a lot of small alliances with deception, may be in the payment should be paid when the site suddenly can not open, so the initial alliance to pay special attention to the selection. Including the Google alliance are not stability, my hands are more than and 20 points with a Google account, in September 16, 2008 the $1000 advertising revenue was suddenly closed to the Google account, Google wrote several letters to judge if no echo, are difficult to. But the flow of this model derived from search engines such as Baidu, Baidu down the right K station situation we all know, maybe one day you suddenly flow from the tens of thousands of IP into hundreds, in general it is not too stable, is subject to the Union and search engine.

2 earn personal money

this model is to earn money directly from the Internet users, is a common charge. For example, 520mov movie network, Jiayuan dating network, and the network game company such as Shanda, The9, journey and all kinds of servers are based on this model. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to charge a small scale membership dues, but in turn, look at the advantages are here, if the site to the development of individual Internet users willing to scale the scale of your income will certainly be considerable!

3 earn Adsense money


mode is close to the service industry, paid from the earliest production site to help others, then provide SEO service, and then to now sell Baidu included the domain name, the whole station, and sold the chain, to provide all in one service, to assist in the promotion of all belong to this type, in fact, the broad IDC company is to earn the money. It is worth mentioning that now earn money webmaster is relatively easy and very impressive gains, tell you about a few of my friends know the profit model: a friend selling Baidu included a domain name, the domain name cn Baidu included the cost of a piece he sold 5-10 block, a single look not much money but profit the rate is already very high, sell a wholesale dozens, if the price is pr.

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