Beauty Adsense do what alliance make money

1: popcorn League. Address:


alliance is doing me good results, and one thousand IP per day can earn 5 yuan, which is 30 yuan /1 thousand IP, but in fact the amount deducted serious, after testing, the amount deducted at around 40%, interesting webmaster can do. Has received eight times.

2:888 color League: Address:


alliance is what I was doing, mainly do the picture function, but do not occupy advertising, put on, to make money, sometimes high, sometimes low, an average of 2 yuan / day / one thousand IP. For my picture station, is the picture station has received two times.


3:733QQ code Alliance:

said the alliance is rubbish, I don’t think so, because I have already received the League every two sections, before people say behind, see the garbage, didn’t dare. Recently saw a friend said received a concurrent collection shot to me, believe that this the alliance can indeed be received, indeed. An average of 3 yuan / 1000 IP.

4: this is what I want to recommend, the eight party chain.Http://


alliance, reputation is very good, I’ve been doing, 17 yuan / IP (Paul price), does not deduct the amount, Mito beauty webmaster will do, because the code is the temptation to make money on the.6 yuan / IP, this is my own performance. The Union Station recommended.

5: finally, will say:

.ETE window union allianceThe

ete alliance, which do pop, good results, the basic 5 yuan / one thousand IP (final price effect size is not inside)

above is the beauty of the station will do the five leagues, I can guarantee that I can be trusted, I have received all the money.

well, my beauty station, one thousand IP before the time, the basic daily at about $25. Ha ha, the recent traffic increases, fast three thousand, earn more, and now basically every day in more than 80 yuan.

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