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music,censor board? According to meif censorship on television broadcasting in India is not liberalisedthen there is no need to tighten it It is ten times better if children get to know something in front of their parentsunder their guidance and supervisionthan get to know of something behind their back and make an issue of it Rohit Raman BanerjiX D St Marks Sr Sec Public SchoolMeera Bagh In the 21st Centurytelevision has turned out to be one of the most important gadgets It is hard to find a home where theres no television It has become an essential part of life of each and every individual Television has many usespeople use it as a means of entertainmentfor actors and technicians it provides career opportunities Most importantlyit is used as an advertising medium by companies Television is a window through which we can see each and every aspect of life Earliertelevision shows were usually serialsdocumentaries and movies But these daysa new trend of reality shows has started Many reality shows also invite foreign celebrities to create controversiesand therefore increase TRPs In this dirty game for TRPsreality shows dont hesitate to cast explicit material unmindful of the young minds they will be exposed to All these things affect our cultureand brings Western culture into our country Due to these things shown on TV teenagers and youths get distracted from their studies and fall prey to various evils The Indian youth is gradually losing sight of moral values and Indian culture and tradition People dont realise that stuff shown in reality shows is actually not real In foreign countriesthere are proper committees that set guidelines for television On the contraryIndian television does not have proper censorship This is due to the lack of tight rules and proper laws The Indian censor board is not proving effective in the absence of proper code of conduct This negligence of the government is going to prove very dangerous for our countrys future Sothere is an immense need of a tighter governing body to control the television content telecast If it is doneit might lead toward having a prosperous and healthy nation Mukul amrohiXI-A SL Suri DAV Public Sr Sec SchoolJanakpuri NowADAYSit has been observed that international celebrities are being called to promote programmes The producers of various shows are very interested in making moneyand for thisthey call international celebrities Indians are equally capable of promoting television programmes Butin spite of giving a chance to Indianswe go for international celebrities There is a big difference between Indian and international celebrities Our culture is totally different They have a different outlook in their countyand when they are given a chance to promote Indian programmes they mainly reflect their own culture In India we are more concerned about our values and we never go for anything that would oppose our cultureour values When these celebrities promote Indian programmesthey promote them in a totally different manner This affects the mindset of small children and sets a bad example for them Indian television needs tighter censorshipso our Indian culture can be maintained As we are responsible for our values and culturewe should work together to safeguard them Akanksha SharmaXI-A SL Suri DAV Public Sr Sec SchoolJanakpuri our country is getting economically stronger with each passing day Andwe can become stronger only if we have greater faith in things that actually belong to us If we think only about foreign celebrities and their filmswe will forget the homegrown ones We shouldnt forget that it was Shilpa Shetty who emerged winner in the international reality show Big Brother Soin my opinionwe shouldnt let down our Indian society and Indian celebrities Ritika SujiXI-B SL Suri DAV Public Sr Sec SchoolJanakpuri Very oftenwe see foreign celebrities being called from abroad simply to promote several products or reality shows. the main cities of the militant group’s self-styled caliphate in Iraq and Syria.000 to 6, and then the brand new memorial to the one million innocent victims of “The Syrian Partition War”. Jasmin lights up their lives.

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