Taobao Trump if guests do promotion

now Taobao passenger team growing, a variety of ways to promote endless. However, in the rankings, API era of rampant, want to have to get rid of, A new force suddenly rises., users would like to. I want to share with you today is the new guest promotion methods: put yourself to do promotion.

What is called

‘s promotion? Oh, this is my own words, in fact, the basic idea is: the promotion of the way to build a blog, to come status to do promotion, as shown below.


above is the author saw a Taobao blog. His blog is also a list, but in an article page. The blogger is doing fitness Taobao customers, and blogger wrote in another biography, he bought many reasons for this product, and down a few times to feel Taobao businesses on the goods so uneven in quality, dragons and fishes jumbled together, to give you some advice for first-time buyers.

such a promotion method benefits are obvious: Taobao customers to come over the identity of the people recommend the product, given the relevant guidance, so the credibility and the user’s goodwill is high. If the blog with maintenance, not only the conversion rate will be much higher than the traditional way of promotion, but also the formation of a faithful reader, and these loyal readers will give you word of mouth, Everfount blog brings flow.

understand this blog as the carrier of the core ideas and advantages of promotion, let us sum up the promotion of the skills, and examples of analysis.

from the user point of view, the promotion is still very considerate do, return the list. But we will list as a separate page, and the blog was local identity link (such as home banner, the top). In the ranking page, users can comment. Comments as other visitors to understand the information window, is able to get a high degree of trust of visitors. As bloggers, we can leave their own questions, and answer their own questions.

for example: for example, you do lose weight off Taobao, then you can own another vest, like this message "blogger, I want to buy Taobao slimming products, but that L-carnitine has side effects ah, please send suggestions." Then the blogger identity reply, "diet pills have side effects, but there are big and small. Recommend you use traditional Chinese medicine L-carnitine, a lot of side effects." And so on the question and answer, similar to the Baidu know ourselves from a word of mouth marketing, one hand to answer the questions of potential customers, but also greatly increase the reliability, thus effectively improve the conversion rate.

previously mentioned blog profile, is actually in the blog sidebar blogger. Do not underestimate the blogger profile, to a large extent enhance user trust. Take Taobao as an example. For example you can

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