Li Yu when your business to the bottom of the valley how do you do

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to fight the occupation manager, when starting a turn a dark valley, is what she feels about



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4 years ago, Li Yu decided to come down from a mountain to climb another mountain.

2009, Shanda landing Nasdaq, when any CEO Li Yu chose to leave a year after the establishment of a focus on maternal and child, women’s social electricity supplier industry". This is the beginning of her transition from professional managers to entrepreneurs.

left, why? "If you are a bold and courageous people, such a turn and what good hesitate?" Li Yu slim, I spoke with a soft voice, gentle. However, insiders have told me that in the past Li Yu is a sharp man: "after the start, this style has not changed."

from 1999 to 2004, Li Yu worked at Microsoft, Office and Windows have any Redmond headquarters and the Xbox team manager after the 2005 occupation; join in royal, she served as the director of the center is different, after the senior vice president of Shanda, after April 2008, she is the CEO of shanda.

Shanda game after the listing, whether it is my personal or the industry to the peak." Li Yu said that the end of the tour has been at the platform in 2010, even if a hundred times efforts, there will not be a new experience. Can I stand on the top of the mountain for the next twenty or thirty years, "said

excellent talk network by Li Yu and her husband Chen Yao founded together. Previously, Chen Yao is executive vice president of Noah Education Holdings, Noah in 2007 successfully listed on the New York stock exchange, a case of domestic education enterprises in overseas listing of the largest amount of financing. When Li Yu was determined to start a business, he said to Chen Yao, "when you go to the top of a mountain to climb another mountain, you have to go down to the lowest point. Otherwise, how to climb the mountain? "

from professional managers to entrepreneurs

left the grand, Li Yu said to her boss, Chen Tianqiao: do not take away a soldier, a piece of paper, a word I do not take away." However, one of her secretary or resigned and chose to work together with Li Yu.

in 2010, and about the beginning of the Zhangjiang hi tech network office space in Shanghai, more than and 200 square meters of the room, there was a time a man sitting inside, only Li Yu and follow her assistant.

vertical community platform "talk about babies", the main period care of social media "aunt" and provide psychological counseling services "talk about psychology" is about 3 excellent products, Li Yu hope they can form an ecosystem services in maternal and female market.

"lack of service standards across the industry," she said, which may be the industry faces

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