Dialogue 88 entrepreneurs under the age of 25 in the end how entrepreneurship

January 19, 2014, right here club. Fifty square meters of space packed with more than 200 people, there are a lot of people standing room only in the periphery, they all stared at the table after a group of 88 guests, they are the dream network founder Du Mengjie, our founder Gao Jiaxi, sing founder Yin Sang, founder of the V film Yin Xing Liang, founder of the horse, whether the technology bubble Allison SegmentFault.com Gao Yang, founder of Matlock Jiuyuangou founder Chai Huilong, seven, and 88 after the entrepreneur, Gao Jiaxi angel investors Ma Jiajia Le Bo capital founding partner Yang Ning, and Yoon sang angels partner Li Feng IDG. Another two horse big brother navigation dog founder Qian Jin, Jian Lu founder Chen Haibin also on the scene after the 88 dialogue. The following is a shared record:

first link: guests share

the founder of our high oral: why do I start

the first Guan Jian word is courage. As an entrepreneur, you have to give yourself a dream. When I was 19 years old, at that time, the Internet cafes are very popular, I went to the Internet cafe every time you have to wait for a boot for one or two minutes, I was wondering why not take advantage of these one or two minutes

put a billboard on the computer screen, so when I was carrying a bag to talk about the Internet cafes in Shenyang almost 4/5 resources, but also earn some money. So, when you have an idea, if you do not take action, then you may not have the opportunity, I was holding this cavity blood embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

second Guan Jian word is experience. Entrepreneurs are always hesitant, always blame the market is not, no money no, resources are not, but as the most important thing is to create the conditions for entrepreneurs. What have I arrived in Beijing, the first week when dwelling in the land, and then to the Tsinghua University, very hard to force the case to achieve 14, 15 people, we have a bedroom to sleep I slept for three or four days at the beginning of the desk, I wouldn’t let the staff, I think this is a very good experience, I think this is a wealth of experience. Don’t know how many entrepreneurs sleep floor and desk? Congratulations, you are about to explode, it is because of this experience is really commendable.

third Guan Jian words: curiosity. Curiosity is the biggest driving force in the world, including all of you in any place, with every kind of software and things, are holding the original curiosity. So, as entrepreneurs must ask ourselves why we venture, so also want to know why we don’t. Many people think I am to do poineering work, I may not have to go to work or I venture into the sea, the world is full of curiosity to change the world through entrepreneurship, even if can not change the world, I want to change everything you could change. As an entrepreneur, when you believe in the world, the firm of this dream, the pursuit of the pursuit of good things, ask yourself, why do I start?

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