Analysis of several basic elements of network venture capitalists


              why am I writing this article? The main thing is to see a good friend recently tortured to look for venture capital investment, so also have some experience with their own experience and some of their own ideas, so write this article. Say no more to the point!

              if you have a new idea (project), but lack of funds. It is possible that most people have only two ways: either to find a way to borrow money, or to find ways to find investors. Of course, it is very difficult to find investors, it may be a very easy thing. In the premise of looking for investors I think positive heart you have to have a "thick face" to deal with this matter. Investors may be like three times in the test of your attitude to deal with the two. This is the major premise.

              also must remind is entered and investors time to talk, you must keep his face, must distinguish the relationship between those homes, those of the center of the topic to talk. When you first get in touch with an investor, the investor may have no idea of your project. Just hold a kind of fur to understand the state of mind. You have to be patient, attitude, maintain, stick to, point out, and hold on to the main topics of conversation with investors. Not by their views to negotiate, talk to the scene you must grasp the topic as the starting point and the end point of the topic. He can be an investor. He just wants to know what he wants to know. Instead of telling you how to fool him. And you are more important point is about the drawbacks of all, must be less, but the investor is one of the most stingy businessman. But he knew the project defects even few drawbacks, he may give up halfway through this project, then you and his second conversation is difficult.

              in fact the majority of venture capitalists do not know the real part of the project as a light, as heavy. As long as the main point is not to allow investors to get the main points of your project can exist. The general investors will know their number is how. From then on, you estimate how he thinks of the investor himself. And how to treat. Investors generally talk to you about the project, it is possible that you will be eager to ask about the details of investment projects. As an investor, they will only say that the skin does not say meat, he must let you guess all this related issues. Because when you have a good prospect of the project, it is possible that some of the conditions you may be able to study

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